Admission Bag

When a family first hears the devastating words, “Your child has cancer,” Children’s Cancer Network is there. Valued at over $100, the Children’s Cancer Network Admission Bag provides resources, practical necessities, and reassuring comforts for an unexpected hospital stay. Among the items included in each bag, families receive the Children’s Cancer Network hardbound journal, toothbrush, toothpaste, age appropriate activities, resource lists, and a gas card. Along with these wonderful resources, this backpack also helps families realize they are not alone in their fight against cancer. At the time of diagnosis, a Children’s Cancer Network

Admission Bag will be provided by your health care team. If not, please contact your pediatric oncology team or Children’s Cancer Network to obtain your admission bag.

Our thanks to ING Funds in Scottsdale, Arizona for partnering with Children’s Cancer Network in preparing these bags and providing the snuggly bear for each family.