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Learning is key as children and families gain necessary knowledge, learn to cope with the uncertainty of cancer, and become advocates for their personal health and care. The Family Education Library offers information from variety of resources addressing a variety of topics.


How to Love Someone who is Grieving their Child (2-13-2017)

Giving Back:

Dorman Senior uses Make-A-Wish to Benefit Pediatric Cancer Patients (2-27-2017)

RaiseRED Brings Over $450,000 to Oncology and Hematology Research (2-26-2017)

More than 3,000 People Step Out to Fight Children’s Cancer (3-11-2017)

Mom Tells Son’s Story in Fight for NIH Funding (3-28-2017)

9 Things to Do When a Friend’s Child Is in the Hospital

Researchers Developing Medications to Protect the Heart from Toxic but Lifesaving Chemotherapy Cancer Treatment (2-26-2017)

Cancer Stories: 

What Makes a Superhero? A 6-year Old Boy who Fought Cancer Knows (3-3-2017)

Katie and Ellie: One Year Later (2-27-2017)

Same School, Same Class, Same Battle to Fight Cancer (3-10-2017)

Bittersweet Photo Shows Unbreakable Bond Between Boy and Baby Brother Suffering From Cancer (3-2017)

Saying goodbye: As son dies, dad squeezes a lifetime into months (3-22-2017):

Battling Cancer:

Mom’s Heartbreaking Photo Shows the Reality of Childhood Cancer (2-20-2017)

Doctors Face Challenges Getting Clinical Trials for Children with Cancer (3-3-2017)

15 Truths of Having your Child Diagnosed with Cancer (4-25-2017)

This Heartbreaking Ad Shows What It’s Like to Be the Mom of a Sick Kid (4-10-2017)