CCN’s September 20th Hero is Sedona!

Sedona is 16 years old and was diagnosed with ALL at the age of 14.  She has had many hospitalizations throughout her treatment and has had a difficult time.  Fortunately she has only 6 more months left of treatment.  Radiation was the hardest part for her but she is now done with it!  She has grown to love public speaking and has spoken at her high school for Wish Week.  Her goals are to attend Reed University in Oregon and major in neurosciences and become a doctor.  Another goal is to go to Tokyo next spring to visit a Japanese animation studio.  Her superpower she would like to have would be to turn into any animal.  That way she could be a bird and fly or a fish and swim underwater.  On her “bucket list” is to someday publish a book of poetry and stories that she has written during treatment.  “You have to make the best of it,” is her advice to other cancer survivors.