CCN’s September 11th Hero is Sedona

Talking about my cancer journey is rough.  I don’t really like to do much aside from make a few jokes about it because when it gets down to it, it really, really sucks.  Even on good weeks it sucks, because things that you never gave a second thought to become difficult or dangerous, often both.  In the first month of my treatment this really became apparent to me.  My dad had made steak for dinner, and my dad cooks the absolute best steak in the world.  So I was really excited, but then when it was time to eat, my mom realized I couldn’t have steak as I usually did-a nice juicy medium rare.  That would be dangerous.  And I had to have a well done steak.  It seems a little silly, but it was the little changes that were always the hardest for me.  I used to be a dancer too, I had just started Pointe.  I still end up getting out my Pointe shoes every once  in a while, just wondering where I’d be if I was still dancing, or in school for that matter.  It makes it really hard to pretend everything is okay…but I’m getting better, it’s a long, painful journey but I’m getting better.  If I could travel anywhere, I’d travel EVERYWHERE.  Traveling around the world is a huge dream of mine.  I want to see all the beautiful, famous paintings – so the Louvre would be, and is a must see.  I absolutely love food!  My favorite foods would be vegan desserts though.  There’s this peanut butter-banana vegan sorbet that I love to make as a little homemade dessert.  And the vegan cheesecake from Pomegranate is to die for!  One thing I’d like to say to my cancer is “GOODBYE!”