CCN’s February 28th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Brooklyn!
Brooklyn is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with high risk ALL. She is currently on treatment and has a year left. It all began with leg pains and at first was diagnosed with growing pains. Once diagnosed she was in the hospital for 150 days trying different treatments to see which one was the best for her. Through all of this she has stayed positive and is a fighter! Children’s Cancer Network was the first organization that the family met at the hospital. Through CCN Café, Brooklyn’s parents were able to meet other parents that they could talk and relate to that have similar situations. Her mom said that Children’s Cancer Network encourages other families to help each other. Brooklyn was in the hospital last year during the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer but her mom was still able to support the cause and was able to run the 5k. She hopes to be able to do it again this year! To learn more information about the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer go to