CCN’s February 26th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Action Jackson!

In January 2013, just shy of my2nd birthday I was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor, a rare and aggressive form of kidney cancer.  After help from lots of doctors, nurses and medicine (and the amazing support of family and friends) I got better! I am 8 now and just celebrated being 5 years CANCER FREE!  My favorite food is pizza and I want to be a Zoo Keeper when I grow up.  I love to swim, draw, play baseball and hangout with my big brother Ethan.  If I could travel anywhere it would be to Japan to see the Giant Panda.  My family and I support Childhood Cancer Awareness so other kids (like my buddy Jace) can get better too – Superheroes Unite!

To form a team or to join a team for the Run To Fight Childhood Cancer go to www.runtofightcancer