CCN’s April 21st Run to Fight Hero is Davey!
Thinking that Davey may have the flu, he went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed medication and once Davey was finished taking it, he would get sick again. After this happened 3 times the doctor did further tests. Davey was diagnosed with T cell Lymoblastic Lymphoma and began treatment. He is 6 years old and is now in the maintenance phase of his cancer journey. Davey would like to learn how to play baseball and enjoys building with Legos and playing video games. He looks forward to going to his brother’s soccer games and seeing his cousins. As a grownup he would like to be fun, silly and keep the kid in himself. Helping out around the house doing laundry and dishes is something he enjoys because it makes people happy. His advice to family is through every moment, find the fun and stay positive